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Overwhelmed or Wonderstruck?

It’s no secret that building, or remodeling, your home can be extremely stressful. There’s the planning, hiring, prepping, budgeting, and it all typically has to be done within a time frame.

So when you reach the designing stage, it should be a sweet relief from all the stress, right? To be able to finally focus on how you want your house to look inside; what colors and designs to put on your flooring, walls and back splashes, etc. However, as we all have found out at some point or another, this stage can be the absolute most overwhelming point in building or remodeling a home. For some, it can be a nightmare and removing this factor can be as simple asĀ where you go to look for your home’s designs.

That’s why Barcelona Distributor’s showroom is unlike the others. We have put together a showroom that is open and welcoming, keeping our customer’s in mind by displaying the products we carry in a fashion that reduces the amount of pressure and anxiety that can come with so many options to choose from.

Along with our buyer-friendly showroom, we also have wonderful design specialists in our store to guide our customers based on the rough idea of what they think they would like. So, even if you don’t really know what you want yet, or are having a difficult time picturing the design you would like inside your home, you don’t have to sweat it! Our design specialists are here to lead you in the right direction and minimize the amount of stress on you. We aim to deliver the best customer service along with the best quality products, all to fit YOUR needs.

And we are present online over Facebook, through email, or through our blog, available for chat almost 24/7 to give advice and design ideas! We are here to help you so that you may have the best tile possible for your home, in the hopes that you will be in love with it not for just a few years, but a lifetime.